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over 3 years ago

EGHI/GT Hack COVID-19 | Forming Teams

Hi Hackers!

We are so excited to have you participating in our EGHI/GT Hack COVID-19 event this weekend! Our registration numbers have far exceeded our expectations so thank you for your enthusiasm:) 

A few reminders:

1. You MUST have at least one Emory student and one Georgia Tech student on your team of up to 6.

2. We want to help you find teammates! You have 5 ways to do so: 

3. Please go ahead and submit your Hack Team Form once you have your team complete and your problem selected. You may review the Hack Tracks for track descriptions + suggested problems.

On Friday morning, you will receive a welcome video and welcome letter to kickoff the hackathon! Please refer to the website and resources for additional information. If you have any questions, feel free to email

We look forward to seeing your creative projects this weekend!


EGHI/GT Hack Planning Team